"Present yourself with confidence and authority"....it's what Hemingway called....."GRACE UNDER PRESSURE !"

Now you can learn how to maneuver in the business/social arenas with COMFORT AND EASE ! This, in turn, will lead to a professional awareness that will pay for itself many times over.  


  • Introductions
  • Business Etiquette

    • Order of Precedence

    • Receiving Lines

    • Presentation of Business Cards

    • Forms of Address
  • Business & Social Invitations

    • Receiving & Reply
  • Advanced Telephone Manners
  • Strategies for Savvy Socializing

    • Working the Cocktail Party

    • New Age Manners
  • Developing & Retaining Clients
  • Business Travel
  • Business Gift Giving
  • Women & Business
  • Technological communication, i.e., email, fax 

Your passport to universal acceptance!

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