When former US president George Bush visited Australia, talks were coming to a successful conclusion. As he walked up the stairs to his aircraft for the trip home, he turned around, paused and with one sweeping one-hand gesture gave Aussies something to talk about for years to come: the thumbs-up sign! While North Americans and many other people consider this an encouraging and positive thing to do, Down Under it is an obscenity worse than giving the finger.

All countries have their sensitive spots. What's desirable in one place can be an insult in another. Gestures, appropriate greetings, gift giving, the trial and errors of using a common language for business, tipping - the list is long.

"There are truths on this side of the Pyrenes which are falsehood on the other!"

-Blaise Pascal, Pensees

In order to competently negotiate international interactions on a personal and professional level, we also offer specialized hands-on training workshops in corporate international protocol:


  • Core topics include:
  • Greetings and introductions
  • Verbal and Non-verbal business exchanges
  • Business entertainment
  • Gift-giving, thank you's
  • Do's and taboo's

Time: 3 hours


  • All core topics plus:
  • Country-specific information (2 countries per day)
  • Differing social norms and behaviour
  • Global business and organizational cultures
  • Negotiating and partnering

Time: 1 day

Please note: All the above topics plus country-specific information on diverse countries or region and custom-tailored content to respond to individual needs and learning conditions in a group setting or one-on-one coaching, 2 days plus

Benefits to workshop participants are:

  1. Feel confident in applying global etiquette for the workplace and in social settings
  2. Achieve professional polish and poise in international encounters
  3. Choose effective strategies for written and verbal communication
  4. Enhance and sustain corporate image and reputation through first impressions that last
  5. Gain in-depth knowledge of political, social and business conditions in foreign country or region
  6. Consider further issues related to diverse business practices
  7. Develop a personal plan for action



We only get one chance to make a great first impression on foreign soil, so it’s critical to behave appropriately and with confidence. This workshop will give you the chance to practice the art of etiquette and protocol and perfect your ability to meet, greet, host and negotiate when doing business with other cultures.

Tutorial Lunch and Dinner

An experiential, tutorial luncheon or dinner offers the unique opportunity to be prepared for the unexpected and exotic elements of foreign travel.


Our programs focus on developing key knowledge of other countries and deepening cross-cultural understanding, for a more productive and positive work environment.

Cultural Diversity Training in the Workplace

Designed for the North American workplace, this workshop provides strategies for valuing all employees and successfully managing diverse employee or client groups.

Awareness and Cross-Cultural Sensitivity Training

Facilitates the development of a welcoming work environment for new or diverse groups of employees.

Building a Respectful Workplace

Training develops strategies to counter harassment, racism, discrimination.

How to Respond to Conflict in a Culturally-Sensitive Way

Builds on alternative strategies for confronting conflict by overcoming avoidance and discomfort.

We assist executives and professionals with specialized training programs that orient, prepare, and sustain successful international business interactions.

Our experts, have a long career spanning two continents and have also worked in the US, Great Britain, and Germany. They have conducted briefings to the internationally assigned and delivered training sessions for more than 35 different destination countries. They advised managers on cross cultural problem solving and coaches in preparation for personal, organizational and cultural changes. They are world travellers and understandforeign cultures and provide services that will facilitate business and personal relationships across borders.

"It is not the culture that one must adapt, but to culture as manifest and encountered in the behaviour of individual foreigners".

- Craig Storti

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