"All the great speakers were bad speakers at first."

- Emerson


“HOW we say something is more than four times as important as WHAT we say to the listener’s perception of credibility and sincerity.”

- Mehrabian Survey - UCLA

Business success depends not only on having the “right stuff” but also in the way in which you communicate and present.

Become more than just an adequate speaker!

Learn how to:

  • Become a memorable communicator.
  • Deliver your message with confidence.
  • Develop a style of grace and ease.
  • Be aware of reaching your listener.
  • Build a distinct connection.

Making a memorable presentation is more than just a performance – it’s about obtaining results.


  • Strong presentation skills guaranteed to inspire others to action when they listen to your message.
  • A unique and dynamic speaking style.
  • Increased physical and vocal awareness.

We work with Executives, Sales Representatives, Customer Service Representatives, and individuals from all walks of life.

We demonstrate through proven methods of stress reduction, proper breathing, vocalizations and correction of any bad “speech habits”, the creation of a clear, and resonant and effective speech delivery style.

“WITHIN THE FIRST 12 SECONDS of a telephone conversation, the listener

makes an unconscious judgement of character, social status, education, energy level and intelligence.”

- Smith & Harms


  • Create client confidence and attract prospective clients on telephone calls or in meetings
  • Deal with the “Difficult” client using appropriate methods to resolve client issues and offer solutions
  • How to create the best impression with excellent telephone manners
  • Choose and control appropriate speed of speech
  • Utilize clear enunciation


  • Use methods to control speech “fears” and the negative effect of stress on the voice
  • Create a positive “First Impression” and confidence at meetings
  • Develop a leadership style and communicate your message effectively
  • Make dynamic presentations – project the voice with or without a microphone


  • Create a positive corporate image and project personal and professional credibility
  • Develop proven techniques to manage nervous energy and make it work for you
  • Project confidence and power by making your thoughts clear and convincing
  • Create impact through enunciation and controlling audience intake
  • Control the interruptions and maintain control
  • Reduce the effect of stress on the voice

Now you can:

Be engaging…..Win cooperation…..Earn the attention of the listener…..

Enhance your gift of speech!

Outstanding Presenters Workshop

The big day is coming when you will have to appear in the public spotlight. Perhaps you're giving a sales presentation, hosting a meeting or party, being interviewed on TV. Public appearances and public address are becoming increasingly part of every executive's job and crucial to your success. 

This intensive, interactive program will show you how to come across as authoritative, dynamic, poised, entertaining and in control.

Ask yourself:

  • Do I appear competent and commanding?
  • Am I effective or ineffective as a communicator?
  • Do I really know how I am being perceived?

Join Shannon Smith, premiere Image Strategist, in an action packed, informative and enjoyable program and learn how to present yourself with confidence and authority in front of any audience.

Becoming the Outstanding Presenter of Choice Takes Skill!

In this session you will learn how to:

  • Make a grand entrance
  • Choose a credible, and appropriate presenter's wardrobe
  • Become a "performer", not just another presenter
  • Create a personal, stylish persona
  • Read the audience and keep the presenter audience contact
  • Send positive body related messages
  • Begin with a positive, powerful introduction
  • Finish with flourish and leave them wanting more
  • Create immediate credibility
  • Develop speech content and strategy


The full three-day program includes:

  • Ten keys to presentation success
  • Seven considerations for personal excellence
  • Six "stifling" misconceptions
  • Techniques to combat stage fright
  • Tips on traveling like a pro
  • Speaker's ethics
  • Review and homework assignments
  • Personal image Audit


  • Presenter's grooming session hair styling/grooming consultation
  • Shopping session for presenter's wardrobe
  • Purchasing of presenter's accessories

Video Taping:

During the video-taping, you will do a self-critique and receive a personal consultation on:

  • Effective presentation techniques
  • Enthusiasm level and conviction
  • Voice power and projection
  • Stage presence and how well you come across

A golden opportunity to put yourself and your message across like a pro and increase your effectiveness with your audiences. Stay current and exciting...Stay relaxed...Stay in control!


Contemporary image training for today's business professional!

Your Passport to Universal Acceptance!

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