Find out why afternoon tea is replacing the business lunch and is the elegant way to conduct business.

“Manners adorn knowledge, and smooth the way through the world.”

- Lord Chesterfield

Manners (or lack of them) affect personal success. Manners add the polish that set you apart.

Join Shannon Smith and discover what it takes to become more sophisticated and poised... other words find out what it takes to be a “Class Act.”

Enjoy the timeless charm of afternoon tea.

You will become more socially adept and comfortable in business/social situations and learn why afternoon tea is replacing the working lunch.

Find out how to:

  • Make the most of small talk
  • Behave when invited out
  • Be the perfect host or hostess
  • Conduct yourself with confidence
  • Impress clients and business associates

Afternoon Tea with Shannon is fashionable and fun while stressing the importance of business and social manners. It is a pleasant relaxed alternative to hectic lunches and quick drinks with a business associate after work. You will also meet other professionals and make new business contacts.

Indivdual and group sessions available.

Manners are your passport to universal acceptance!

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